Back in mid-March, as the entire live side of North America’s music industry came to a sudden halt with breakouts of COVID-19 in parts of the country, rock outfit White Denim announced their plans to write, record, mix, master, and release an entirely new studio album within 30 days while in quarantine. The Austin, TX-based group has since held up to their word, as the album entitled, World as a Waiting Room, is now finished and the first few singles “I Don’t Understand Rock and Roll” and “Work” have been shared to streaming services.

The entire nine-track album has already been released digitally and sent to fans who pre-ordered the project, which began officially on March 18th. The creative process reportedly saw the band utilize WhatsApp group chat to communicate, while recording their respective parts separately at their Radio Milk Recording Studio in East Austin, and working remotely at each of their home studios.

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The first two above-mentioned tracks arrived onto major streaming platforms this past Friday (May 1st), and hears the band offer up two unique listening experiences with the 2:45-minute “I Don’t Understand Rock and Roll” and a lengthier, 6:26-minute “Work”. Both new songs deliver heart-pounding, meat-and-potatoes rock excellence as White Denim once again showcases why they’re one of the best in the business.

Listen to the two new songs below.

White Denim – I Don’t Understand Rock and Roll

[Video: White Denim]

White Denim – “Work”

[Video: White Denim]

World as a Waiting Room is now available to download directly from the band at the Radio Milk Records website. According to a post recently shared to the band’s Facebook page, fans who pre-ordered vinyl copies of the album should expect their orders to arrive sometime between May 15th-22nd. The entire album will arrive onto streaming platforms beginning this Friday, May 8th.

Head to White Denim’s website for more vinyl pre-order info.