Wiley Griffin, formerly of MUN, will join Brooklyn-based electro dance funk band Teddy Midnight as their new lead guitarist.

“MUN was a lot of fun, and I will always have a great deal of gratitude for that experience,” Wiley told L4LM. “With Teddy I feel heady, like Mario Andretti, eating spaghetti, lefty. Get Me? ​​I really encourage people who like raging to live dance music to come see us this fall/winter. IT’S GOING DOWN!!!!”

Their first official gig together will be this Saturday at 5:30 on the DC Corner Stage at Catskill Chill. Then, catch them on the road this fall in a number of US cities.

Teddy Midnight – Teddy Midnight EP [Review/Stream]

The band is also setting out do something a little different for the music community by introducing Teddy TV, a cross-promotional YouTube channel where the band will be releasing artist interviews, festival/show recaps, skits, music videos, gear run downs, gear reviews and pretty much whatever they feel like! 

The first episode, featuring interviews with Mihali Savoulidis of Twiddle and Chris Michetti of RAQ, will be released through L4LM on Wednesday, 9/23. Watch the trailer for Teddy TV below!