New York rapper Your Old Droog has released a new single, “Dropout Boogie”, featuring late MC MF DOOM. The track comes nearly eight months after DOOM’s death on Halloween, and six months after the British rapper’s death was reported.

With Your Old Droog at the helm of this one, “Dropout Boogie” takes on an undeniably vintage hip-hop aura. Together, Your Old Droog and MF DOOM swap verses about how higher education just isn’t for everyone, with DOOM’s patently unique flow churning out lines like “And thank the public school system for providing new landscapes/Deficit and attention/Honorable mention for the tension/Actions, foul language, words that unleash tensions/Often probably resulting in suspension.”

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“I remember getting the verse back and realizing that I had come full circle,” Your Old Droog said. “That same night I drove to by my old community college where I used to listen to DOOM heavy back in ’07-’08 and I was in a semi-catatonic state playing that verse back over and over.”

Prior to “Dropout Boogie”, Your Old Droog and MF DOOM had collaborated on “RST” and “BDE”, but this was the first time the two had actually made the track together. The experience truly brought things full circle for Your Old Droog, who credits MF DOOM with inspiring his initial interest in hip-hop.

“I deadass started listening to classical music, and then I heard DOOM,” he said. “For him to end up appreciating what I do 10 years later shows the power of never giving up on your passion, staying the course, believing in yourself and having vision.”

As for the meaning behind the song, Droog said, “School is not for everybody. You know, it has its extracurricular pluses but overall, it wasn’t for me. I don’t work well fitting into boxes. I dropped out of high school, and community college, twice! This is certainly an anthem of sorts.”

Listen to MF DOOM’s posthumous collaboration with Your Old Droog, “Dropout Boogie”.

Your Old Droog, MF DOOM – “Dropout Boogie”

[Video: YOD]