As Americans struggle with the increasing number of shelter-in-place orders popping up around the country and an exponentially increasing number of COVID-19 (coronavirus) cases, there’s a growing sense of desperation; a need of joy, optimism, and reassurance. Comedian Zack Fox joined forces with Eric AndreThundercat, 6lack, and more to do just that, treating viewers to an uplifting rendition of the Three 6 Mafia classic, “Slob On My Knob”.

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“I know during all this quarantine stuff some of you might feel lonely and scared and confused, and I wanna let you know that that’s perfectly OK. I do too, we all do, it’s perfectly normal,” said Fox as he began the video. “But for me, there’s a song from my childhood that would always help me out when I would feel that way, and I wanna share it with y’all, and hopefully just help out a little bit. It goes a little something like this,” before reciting the song’s opening line, “Slob on my knob like corn on the cob.”

The video continued with clips of Quinta BrunsonGuapdad 4000, Eric Andre, Chuck InglishLangston Kerman, Jak KnightSam Jay, Thundercat, 6lack, Teddy Ray, and TisaKorean each taking over a line of the song’s first verse and chorus. Their delivery was inspired and their emotion’s visible while they sang lines like “Squeeze on my nuts/Lick on my butt” and “Real name rover/I said bend over.”

Fox’s take on Three 6 Mafia is clearly a parody of a video posted by Gal Gadot last week, in which she led an A-list cast of celebrities through John Lennon‘s “Imagine”. Viewers met Gadot with a negative response, calling the video insensitive and out-of-touch. Fox, on the other hand, has given the people exactly what they want and need. Watch Zack Fox and company cover “Slob On My Knob” below: