Forget a sibling rivalry, Alan and Neal Evans share in sibling revelry. The musical and familial bond goes back to their time learning their instruments as children, to their seminal run with upstate New Yorkers Moon Boot Lover, to their nearly twenty-years as two-thirds of jazz/funk titans Soulive, and beyond.

Recently, the Evans brothers shacked up in the studio with another supersonic sibling set, Oteil and Kofi Burbridge, no strangers to the world of super jam scenarios. For Brooklyn Comes Alive (as well as an upcoming studio release), the dual duos come together as The All Brothers Band. Ever busy with a gig or in the studio, we were blessed with a few minutes to chat up drummer Alan Evans, discussing what this band of brothers is all about.

L4LM: Please tell the people a little bit about the brothers Evans and Burbridge coming together as (aptly-monikered) The All Brothers Band? I understand there was a studio session?

AE: Well I’m getting very close to launching my own record label called Vintage League Music.  This has been a long process and early on I had the idea to record the four of us and put out an EP.  We have recorded something and are in the process of finishing it up.  We don’t have a release date yet but all I can say is, we love it and it’s not what people are going to be expecting!!


L4LM: When I ask what’s so great about making music with your brother Neal, what’s the first thing to come to mind?

AE: The thing that is always great about rocking with Neal is no matter what the situation is or who we are playing with, it always feels good.  Because we’ve been doing this together our entire lives, we are able to bring something to the table that other people can’t.  That’s always a lot of fun.


L4LM: Now onto the “other” brothers, Oteil and Kofi Burbridge, also accomplished and revered players in the scene. How did you and your brother get hip to those cats? Any stories or sit-ins, or memories that you can share?

AE: Wow! Neal and I first opened for the Aquarium Rescue Unit in Chapel Hill, NC back in 1994 with our band Moon Boot Lover.  Right off the bat, we were super tight with Oteil.  It wasn’t long after that we ran into Kofi.  There are so many great moments that we’ve all shared on stage, I wouldn’t know where to begin.  A more recent one comes to mind though. 

A couple of years back we were doing Bowlive and The Allman Brothers were at the Beacon.  Oteil and Kofi said they were going to try and make it down but we hadn’t heard or seen them by the end of our show at the Bowl.  So we end the night after long evening of music and all of a sudden Kofi and Oteil come running in.  A lot of the audience left because they thought it was the end of the show but we went on for another set.  We were all tired but as soon as we started playing, something magical happened.  That was definitely a night to remember!!

L4LM: What can the SOLD OUT Brooklyn Comes Alive expect from the All-Brothers Band?

AE: Hahaha, good question because I honestly don’t know myself.  I have a pretty good feeling there are going to be a lot of smiles on stage and in the crowd though.  That always happens when we get together!!

L4LM: Alan Evans, you are a gentleman and a scholar. Thank you for your time today!