When Bruce Springsteen calls you “one helluva guitar player,” you must be doing something right. So it goes for Ana Popovic, the fiery female guitarist bringing a potent energy to the blues/funk rock style. Popovic has outdone herself on her newest release Trilogy, packing a punch into each of the twenty-five songs featured on the album.

Due out at the end of this week, Popovic has shared one of her glorious new tracks with us. “Making this video was as fun as making the entire album,” she says. “‘You Got The Love’ is how I feel about Trilogy. I had such a great time making this record and I can’t wait to share it with the world!”

Check out the video for “You Got The Love,” below, exclusively via Live for Live Music.

Popovic speaks in-depth about Trilogy in the album insert, saying: 

I like to step it up with every record that I make. I’m demanding. Towards the people I work with, but mostly towards myself.

I am not afraid to put myself on the line. It is important for an artist to push the limits. Kill your darlings. Dig a little deeper.

Making Trilogy was a quest on it’s own. Not to compare with any record I’ve ever done before. A musical-journey where I got to know sides of myself that I’ve only known in bits and pieces.

Throughout the long, intense process of putting together Trilogy, I was able to let my divergent musical sides crystallize.(merge??) It felt like a puzzle of pieces I recognized from years ago. Small ideas that would shine for a second and then disappear in the everyday worries of a touring musician. This time the pieces came together. I finally gave all those ‘Small ideas’ a good listen and a little of my time… Maybe more then ‘a little’… The first and the last days of recording Trilogy were exactly one year apart. 365 days. My first session was on March 4th, 2015, and can you imagine my surprise to find out that and the last session was on March 4th, 2016!

Sometimes you write a song that flowers the way you imagined it. The way you heard it in your head. 

Some songs exceed all expectations, while other musical ideas are sadly lost. With Trilogy I gave each song the proper time to let it develop and fully mature. Each song is written to fit the specific genre and accomplished with musicians that are masters at that particular style of music. They allow my ideas to shine and become exactly what I imagined them to be. In order to achieve that, some songs were recorded several different times. Some songs were even recorded, several different times, in different studios, with different musicians so we where able to get the exact right musical chemistry to make Trilogy the best we could.

I am at this stage in my career that I can surround myself with musicians who are the best at what they do. I don’t ever take that for granted. Trilogy highlights their musicianship from start to finish.

Needless to say each and every one that collaborated on this record deserves my highest admiration. Thank you for backing me up and allowing Trilogy to get the wings that it deserved. 

You can read more about Ana Popovic and her new Trilogy album here.

[Cover photo via Mark Goodman]