We already know that any of you past “Chill Fam” out there (referring to Catskill Chill attendees) are definitely in the know about what to expect at one of the most intimate, tightly-knit parties of festival season. So we figured we would give a little deeper look for those of you that haven’t had the pleasure of attending this fine fest; and maybe this could serve as a little reminder for you veterans as well.

Taking place the weekend after Labor Day (Sept. 5th-7th) in Hancock, NY at Camp Minglewood, those attending Catskill Chill can fully expect one of the best weekends of the year, with a lineup that caters to fans of various genres. Kicking back and relaxing at what serves as a summer camp from June-August, with full on cabins and camping options, and weather that is much more comfortable and cooler than your average hot and humid festival temperatures, the team that puts on Catskill Chill has found their own slice of heaven at this perfect Northeast location, on the border of New York and Pennsylvania. Get your tickets here!

Here is a quick rundown of some things to look out for at this year’s Chill:

1. The Lineup

The Lineup. The nice people at Catskill Chill have given us yet another incredible lineup in which to enjoy our leisure time. Let’s drop a subset into this list, with what to look out for, musically, at this year’s Chill:

– What is sure to be a tight, cohesive, and high-energy set from the recently reunited The New Deal

– A New York funk session from our boys in Lettuce

– Marc Brownstein and Electron giving us some Disco Biscuits-style jams with a little bit of toast

Yonder Mountain w/ Allie Kral will bring that proper mountain vibe to the festivities

Papadosio taking us to those ethereal states of being (and hopefully a “Dopadosio” set w/ Dopapod will occur again this year)

– And what is always unique to the Chill, bands playing original sets and cover sets. So, not only are these bands going to rock the house with a set of their own tunes, but here is what cover sets they are playing: Turkuaz – Sly & The Family Stone; Twiddle – Grateful Dead; Alan Evans’ Playonbrother – Cream

– A Shpongle DJ set will bring the weird, the New Mastersounds deliver the getdown with their brand of jazz-funk, the Nth Power is on the rise, Tauk is making waves, and the list goes on.


2. Camping with Your Friends Outside, or Rocking a Cabin

How often do you get to party with your friends, adult-style, in a summer camp cabin? Not very often, we would imagine. While the cabins are extremely unique to Catskill Chill, outdoor camping is especially nice in the mountains this time of year. You don’t have to worry about being woken up by a scorching sun at the crack of dawn, when you just went to sleep 30 minutes prior. So, that’s a plus, right? 

3. The One and Only Josh Cohen


The Marketing Director/Vending Coordinator of Catskill Chill, overall Mr. Nice Guy, and being one hell of a model American (Ace Ventura anybody?), you will see Josh making the usual rounds on his golf cart, ensuring that everything is being taken care of and smiles are on people’s faces. Saying that Josh is one of the nicest guys out there is the understatement of the century. He is one of the wild cards of the festival, as far as bringing the vibe and making sure that said vibe stays in just the right spot. While the bands and location can make the festival, don’t forget about the people that are running it. The fact that Josh is one of the guys at the helm, with a brilliant team surrounding him, pretty much ensures that the Chill will always stay Chill.

4. The People

Hey….it takes a village, right?


5. Location, Location, Location

Not only a great festival location to get your party on, but one in which you can easily find a spot for a little R&R (that’s Rest & Relaxation for all of you non-stop ragers).


*Hope to see you at this year’s Catskill Chill! Get your tickets here


– Chris Meyer (@ChrisMeyerL4LM)

Photos courtesy of Andrew Scott Blackstein, Dave Vann, Patrick Hughes