Attorney General Jeff Sessions is one of the most notorious anti-marijuana crusaders in the United States. But what if… he wasn’t? What if, instead of spending the early ‘70s as a reactionary law student, Sessions spent those years leading a weed-loving jam band instead?

As far as alternative histories go, its a pretty preposterous one. And if this satirical video from Very Serious Content is any indication, its a pretty hilarious one too.

The clip tells the story of The Jeff Sessions, an early-‘70s rock group known for songs like “The Open Road Is Paved With Green” and “Pipe Dreams”. As the faux Sessions belts out lines like “It’s 4:20 Mr. President, won’t you light a joint with me?”, you can almost forget that the real version once said he thought the KKK was ok until he found out they smoked pot.

Go ahead and watch it yourself:

Jeff Sessions loved weed