Grammy-balloted mandolinist Andrew Hendryx has released a new album, Deep River. Hendryx, a co-founder of Yarn and current member of Dangermuffin Acoustic, gathered some of the best pickers on the scene at Boathouse Studios in Cromwell, CT to record this new LP, which is fully stocked with extraordinary tracks.

Musicians featured on Deep River include Matt Zeiner of The Weight Band on the Hammond B-3 organ, Andy Falco of The Infamous Stringdusters on guitar, Mickey Coviello of Cabinet on guitar, Tim Carbone of Railroad Earth on fiddle, Jeremy Garrett of The Infamous Stringdusters on fiddle, Mike Cleveland of The Flamekeepers on fiddle, Tony Leone of Chris Robinson Brotherhood on drums and percussion, David Butler of Guster and Marco Benevento on drums/percussion, Jon Peckman of Zach Deputy on drums, Trevor McArthur of Yarn on vocals, Ryan Montbleau on vocals and, last but not least, Dan Lotti, Michael Sivilli and Adam Williams, Steven Sandifer of Dangermuffin on acoustic guitar, electric guitar, drums and percussion, respectively.

It’s full steam ahead as “Redtail Reel” wastes no time kicking things off. Full of vim and vigor, you will be up and moving to the music in no time. Featuring powerhouse Michael Cleveland on fiddle and Andy Falco on guitar, this melody beckons the listener to tap their toes and move along to the energetic tune. Don’t be fooled by the early ease-in—before you know it, Cleveland gets a wide berth to bust into a smoking jam. What a way to start off this brand-spankin’ new album!

Switching gears, “Into the Mystic” tips the hat to Van Morrison with this breezy cover, best listened to on a summer day with lemonade in hand. Expect memories of yesteryear to come flooding back as Zeiner’s Hammond B-3 shines midway through. Lotti’s vocals elevate the lively tune before wrapping up. The clean-cut “Virginia” features Montbleau’s smooth vocals as Falco’s crisp guitar tiptoes through the melody. Garrett’s fiddle sings sweetly while Zeiner’s gorgeous Hammond tones light up this track.

A collaborative album would not be complete without at least one cover of a Grateful Dead tune. This album features not one, but two, with the first coming in the form of “They Love Each Other”. Hendryx’s mandolin gracefully flows around McArthur’s vocals throughout. The laid back track gently picks up steam towards the back end before the spirited “Ooga Boogaloo” takes over. It’s hard not to dance to the melody as a jazzy jam is shaken and stirred with a large serving of bluegrass fiddle courtesy of Carbone.

Andrew Hendryx – “Franklin’s Tower” [Grateful Dead cover]

The second Grateful Dead cover on the album makes its appearance in the form of a charged up “Franklin’s Tower”. It’s crammed with energy that’s hard to ignore, especially once Sivilli busts out on the electric guitar, causing goosebumps of goodness to spread up and down your skin. Sandifer and Williams sit deep in the pocket as the band captures the spirit of the Grateful Dead on this track. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself hitting repeat on this one frequently. Wrapping up the album is a surprising cover of Cyndi Lauper‘s “True Colors”. A reggae-laced track, intertwined with hints of bluegrass and carried by heavy Hammond organ, this tune provides a refreshing twist on the Grammy-nominated song.

Overall, Deep River is loaded with twists and turns of musical variety. Running the gamut from bluegrass to jazz to reggae and hints of blues, this album has something for everyone. Bluegrass fans will not want to miss adding this one to their musical repertoire.

You can stream the album in full below via Spotify. For more information on Andrew Hendryx, and where to buy the new album, head on over to his official website.

Andrew Hendryx – Deep River – Full Album

Words: Sarah Bourque