On this day, 26 years ago, a new group from Charlottesville, VA called Dave Matthews Band released their debut album, Remember Two Things, via their independent label Bama Rags. The record featured a “Magic Eye” cover that revealed a hand making the peace sign when you looked at it just right. The album would go on to earn a platinum certification from the RIAA, the band would go on to drop the “The,” and the rest, as they say, is history.

Though the original lineup (including bandleader Dave Matthews, bassist Stefan Lessard, drummer Carter Beauford, late saxophonist LeRoi Moore, and early-added violinist Boyd Tinsley) has grown and evolved over the years, Dave Matthews and company continue to be one of the most lucrative touring acts on the road to this day. Many of the songs from their initial release remain in heavy rotation in the band’s live repertoire. Remember Two Things tracks like “Ants Marching”, “Tripping Billies”, “Satellite”, “One Sweet World”, “The Song That Jane Likes” are sought-after numbers for avid fans to this day.

In addition to celebrating the band’s anniversary by listening to the album, you can check out some videos of stand-out versions of Remember Two Things tracks from the years that followed below:

“Ants Marching” from the band’s iconic 2003 concert in New York City’s Central Park

[Video: Viicky]

“One Sweet World” from DMB’s 6/7/16 performance in Holmdel, NJ

[Video: aerofan2007]

“Tripping Billies” from DMB’s headlining slot at the inaugural Rothbury Music Festival in 2008 (now known as Electric Forest):

[Video: Daetalus67]