Any night at iconic Colorado venue The Mishawaka Amphitheatre can be considered a good one, no matter who is playing. But when you get to kick back in the majestic surroundings that the venue boasts and listen to some the music of the Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd, along with some afrobeat funk, you’re in for one incredible event of music and nature up in the Poudre Canyon. On Friday, July 28th, local Fort Collins-based acts Dead Floyd and Eufórquestra are coming for a mid-summer performance with local rockabilly-blues act Last Call Romance opening the show (purchase tickets here).

 Why The Mishawaka Amphitheatre Is One Of The Most Coveted Scenic Venues In The Country

Dead Floyd runs the full gamut when it comes to the massive catalogs of both the Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd. The band, made up of Charlie Humphreys (guitar, vocals), Josh Miller (bass, vocals), Stu Crair (drums, vocals), and Matt Goldberg (keys, synth), plays the classics from both groups, but can dig way down deep and bust out some of the rarities, making for an unpredictable setlist and experience.

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Dead Floyd drummer Stu Crair describes the unique experience of playing The Mish, “Some of my favorite musical memories of my life have happened at The Mish. Dead Floyd has been honored to bring our show there for the past 7 years and from the moment it’s booked, each show comes with a sense of magic and excitement that is hard to describe. The river, the mountains, the energy is insanely unique and special. This year, we will be busting out some very special surprises that will keep the tradition of Dead Floyd at The Mish alive and well. I can’t wait to see everyone up there in July!

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With the release of their fifth studio album, FIRE (which was produced by SCI’s Kyle Hollingsworth), Eufórquestra are just beginning to hit their stride as they move into their second decade as a group. Coming strong with plenty of funk, afrobeat, soul, and insanely tight pocket grooves, Mike Tallman and company deliver a live performance that is nothing short of a cathartic dance experience. The band recently released two new singles, “Colorado Kicked” and “Built To Last,” the former of which was recorded and mixed with Orgone’s Sergio Rios. Take a listen below:

This show is bringing out two of Fort Collins, CO’s best live acts and is sure to be bring out some serious jams. Tickets for Dead Floyd and Eufórquestra at The Mish are currently on-sale and can be purchased here. For show updates and additional information, join the Facebook Event page. The venue does highly recommend taking the super convenient shuttle to and from the venue for $20, as parking is extremely limited. Get more info at this link.

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