Beloved groups Umphrey’s McGee and The Disco Biscuits have been staples of the jam scene for many years, but the two bands once joined forces for some incredible shows way back when. Teaming up for a five-night run that stretched from June 27th through July 1st of 2007, the groups took their initials and created the glorious D.U.M.B. Tour.

Trading headlining duties on each night, it was Umphrey’s McGee who opened for The Biscuits on opening night. Playing at Charlottesville Pavilion in Charlottesville, VA, on this date in 2007, both groups gave incredible performances. With UM’s hard rock style and tDB’s more electronically-oriented jams, both groups proved that there truly is no limitation to the meaning of “jam band.”

UM’s set was particularly jam-heavy, and it also included a great version of Rush‘s “YYZ” among classic jams like “Plunger”, “Wizard Burial Ground”, and more. Thanks to taper Jason Westbrook, we can listen to the full set below.

Umphrey’s McGee – Charlottesville Pavilion – Charlottesville, VA – 6/27/07 – Full Audio

The show continued with a great set from the Biscuits. The band kept things flowing with a seven-song set, seamlessly segueing between numbers like “Highwire,” “7-11,” “Above the Waves,” and more with a passion. Listen to full audio from taper Joseph Lawson, streaming below.

The Disco Biscuits Charlottesville Pavilion – Charlottesville, VA – 6/27/07 – Full Audio

Just a tip to the Umphrey’s McGee and Disco Biscuits folks: we’re all ready for another D.U.M.B. Tour!

[Originally published 6/27/16]