ElephantProof featuring Goose drummer Ben Atkind returned to the stage for a free livestream from Relix Studio in NYC ahead of upcoming weekend shows in Saratoga Springs and Bridgeport, CT. Born at The Berklee College of Music and raised in Boston, MA, this Goose-adjacent quartet also features original Goose keyboardist and co-founder Chris “Doc” Enright alongside bassist Shon Gordon and guitarist Sean Cronin. Certainly related but with a sound all their own, ElephantProof is most definitely not a jamband like their avian kin.

Funk at the nexus of hip-hop and jazz, ElephantProof will stomp on your heart like a kid attacking his most prized gift on Christmas morning. Intricately complex yet easy to understand, elements of pop lend an air of universal accessibility while the compositions’ countless details still shine through, and it’s exactly this juxtaposition of master craftmanship with utter simplicity that makes ElephantProof so special.

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Chris “Doc” Enright is the group’s mad scientist, lending a subtle air of darkness to songs like “Krampus’ Workshop” and “Baltimore Scrappledorf” while layering sound over sound without ever seeming—nor sounding—busy. He’ll take you from a swanky jazz room to a pounding Vegas nightclub in the blink of an eye and guitarist Sean Cronin is there every step of the way, alternately cradling his guitar with the gentility of a Bill Frisell and playing with the ferocity of a grizzly bear. And that’s to say nothing of the voice modulated lyrics and endearing stage presence that come through on “Baby Come Over Here”.

As for Ben Atkind, every minute of his schooling comes through in this project, even more so as he played in a room once known as The Jazz Standard, where the countless greats who graced the stage before him should be honored by his performance. Ben was on top of countless tempo changes with grace and suave, matched only by the smoothness of his dome and the effortless cool of rhythm partner Shon Gordon (bass).

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After seven years idle while its members went in different directions, ElephantProof reassembled and road-tested their vibe to much fanfare with an instant classic late-night set from Garcia’s Forest on the grounds of Lock’n during Fred The Festival while also releasing a self-titled EP at the end of summer ‘21. Now, well-rehearsed and rearing to hit the road, your favorite pachyderm is ready to stomp on this weekend’s shows even as touring opportunities remain few and far between stacked against Goose’s demanding schedule.

ElephantProof takes the stage tonight at Putnam Place in Saratoga Springs and Saturday at Park City Music Hall in Bridgeport, CT, a show timed to start after the conclusion of Joe Russo’s Almost Dead in Westville Music Bowl. Find ticketing information here, and watch the full stream of Thursday’s ElephantProof show at Relix Studio via Twitch here.