Looking for a festival this summer that doesn’t boast crowds in the tens of thousands? Looking for a festival that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to be able to enjoy? Do you NOT want to pack a ton of food and beer, or have to PAY for your food and beer for that matter? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go to camp, or go back again? Then let us enlighten you as to where you need to plan on going this summer.

Live For Live Music and Team Equifunk are proud to present to you Camp Equifunk V, which will take place from August 17th-19th. Camp Equifunk has been called the “Anti-Festival”, and deservedly so. What you can come to expect at most music festivals around the country is just what Equifunk doesn’t want you to deal with: $9 beers, $5 waters, $6 slices of pizza, it is just getting to be too expensive to afford anymore. Yes, you can always pack up a bunch of food and drink, but even that can be a pain after many hands have been in the cooler and things start to get soggy and gross. Wouldn’t it be nice to just have a meal cooked for you, and an ice cold beer poured straight from the keg into your cup without having to do any work? Well, the first “All-Inclusive” festival is finally here, and it is ridiculously inexpensive. This is the very basic concept that Team Equifunk has employed so effectively these past four years. With what started out as a bachelor party w/ The Zen Tricksters headlining, has turned into a weekend summer camp for big kids that Live For their Live Music (ya see what we did there?).

Taking place at the beautiful 75-acre Camp Equinunk, located in the Pocono Mountains (just over the NY border), one can either go the old-fashioned way and camp out in their tents, or take advantage of the bunking option. Yes, you and your friends can actually have your own bunk (but we would get on it fast, as this option is sure to sell out quickly as space is limited). Included in the price is dinner Friday, all three meals on Saturday, and breakfast on Sunday. And any time you need to fill up your beer, just keep an eye out for the golf carts rolling around with kegs strapped on the back – obviously, one must be 21+ to do so. Just sit back, relax (or rage, whichever you prefer), enjoy the music and partying with your friends, and let us do the rest.

Past lineups which have included The New Deal, Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe, The Radiators, The New Mastersounds, George Porter Jr., Kung-Fu, Turkuaz Pool-Party (that is correct, there is a pool as well!!!), and what was one killer set by Walters, Roberts, and Deitch last year have proven just how serious Equifunk organizers Eric Welles and Brett Weinberg (both former Equinunk campers) are when it comes to bringing amazing talent to this special event. This year, just think BIGGER and BETTER, without straying from what Equifunk is truly about. With the lineup announcement coming in the next few weeks, we at Live For Live Music and Team Equifunk strongly urge you to take advantage of the early-bird option, as we know something you don’t know….(for now). We want to give you some hints so bad, but alas you will just have to wait impatiently.

Stay tuned for our full coverage of Camp Equifunk V over the coming weeks. We have so much more to tell you, we can barely contain ourselves. But for now, check out the Early-Bird ticketing options, and what is included in the price. There is simply no better deal out there.

Written by Chris Meyer