After premiering at Brooklyn Comes Alive in the fall, Matador! Soul Sounds have kept busy, embarking on their inaugural tour and releasing their highly anticipated debut album, Get Ready, in March. The group—led by The New Mastersounds guitarist Eddie Roberts (who celebrates his birthday today) and Soulive drummer Alan Evan and featuring keyboardist Chris Spies, bassist Kevin Scott, and vocalists Kim Dawson (Pimps Of Joytime) and Adryon de León (Orgone)—has taken the scene by storm, offering up a hard-hitting and passionate fusion of jazz, funk, and soul.

Today, Live For Live Music is proud to premiere a new song, “Go On, Love” from Matador! Soul Sounds’ ever-growing catalog. “Go On, Love” is buoyed by the group’s charismatic vocalists, Kim Dawson and Adryon de León, who lead the song with their powerful performance. Their soulful vocal acrobatics are grounded by the rest of the band, with the slinky, hypnotic instrumental groove underlying the song offering a captivating contrast to the track’s explosive vocals. Toward the end of the number, the song finds its triumphant resolution—featuring de León and Dawson teaming up in unison with precise harmonies while the band enters a more melodic and cascading bridge—before returning to the main theme to close out “Go On, Love”.

In addition to the release of “Go On, Love” coinciding with Roberts’ birthday, the new track doubles as a celebration of the start of the iconic New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, which will take over the Crescent City for the next two weeks. The members of Matador! Soul Sounds will be among the thousands of musicians and music lovers making the mecca to New Orleans, with the band scheduled to perform at House of Blues Parish on Friday, April 27th, from 10 p.m. to midnight.

You can take a listen to the latest from Matador! Soul Sounds, the powerful soul anthem “Go On, Love”, below, along with quotes about this new tune from Eddie, Adryon, and Kim. To catch the band live (spoiler: you’ll want to), you can check out their upcoming tour dates or head to Matador! Soul Sounds’ website here. Happy birthday, Eddie! We’ll see you down in Jazz Fest!


“This has been an exciting year for me getting a lot of new things going. This track represents a lot of that work, and I thought it was appropriate to share with you all on my birthday!” – Eddie Roberts

“The tune provides a glimpse into the mind of a woman empowered by an overwhelming knowledge of her needs… to be without a man who has been dragging her down for years. It’s a classic soul theme set to a sonically classic rhythm track with discreet modern twists.” – Adryon de León 

“She’s exhausted and fed up. We all have a line. She found hers, and in doing so, she has discovered strength she had forgotten that she had. Soul music is honest at its core. This song is about as honest as it gets.” – Kim Dawson

Upcoming Matador! Soul Sounds Tour Dates:

April 27th – House of Blues Parish (10pm-midnight)

July 12-15th – Saint Paul Soul Jazz festival, France

July 27th – Imagina Funk festival, Spain

Oct 6th – Joshua Tree Music Festival, CA

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