Bernard “Pretty” Purdie is one of the most talented and well-respected session drummers in the business. The self-proclaimed “Most Recorded Drummer in History,” Purdie has shaped the rhythm of American music for more than fifty years. Now, after nearly a decade without a solo release, he is stepping back into the spotlight with a new LP featuring 10 original tunes. Cool Down is due for its official digital release this Friday, May 18th (the album was released in vinyl form only last month as a part of Record Store Day). The brand-new album features Bernard Purdie alongside modern funk, soul and jazz heavyweights Ivan Neville (Dumpstaphunk), Pete Shand (The New Mastersounds), and Brian J. The album is also stacked with standout guest vocalists including Anthony ColeMayteana Morales (Pimps of Joytime), and more.

In addition, Cool Down‘s final track, “Stranded”, features New Orleans legend Cyril Neville (The Meters/Neville Brothers), who adds his soulful vocals on top of Hammond B3 organ swells from his nephew, Ivan Neville, and a sparse but impactful drum line from Purdie. With so much talent in the room for the session, the song’s raw blues swagger hit the target hard on the band’s first shot. As Purdie explains of the sessions for “Stranded” featuring Cyril Neville:

I really wanted to record a blues track on the album, so when we finished one song we were working on in the studio I just called a slow blues in B and counted it off. It was one of those one-take studio experiences, we just didn’t need to do it again. Cyril loved the song and came in to bless it with his soul-drenched voice. ‘Stranded’ is really on the level of international blues, whilst the song has all the trademarks of the blues. It’s raw, old-school, and a very honest rendition.

Today, Live For Live Music is proud to give the world its first taste of Bernard Purdie’s “Stranded” featuring Cyril Neville ahead of Cool Down‘s digital release this Friday. Give the blues bombshell a listen below via Sugar Road Records:

Bernard Purdie feat. Cyril Neville – “Stranded”

You can see a full track listing for Cool Down below. For more information on how to purchase the album when it hits digital platforms this Friday, head to Bernard Purdie’s website.

Bernard Purdie & Friends – Cool Down – Track Listing:

1. Elevate
2. Cool Down
3. Shand Stand
4. Money Bags
5. Deep In Love featuring Mayteana Morales
6. Better Man featuring Anthony Cole
7. The Golden Tie
8. Keep On
9. Stranded featuring Cyril Neville