Back in January, Brooklyn-based psych outfit Garcia Peoples braved the Milwaukee weather and piled into the studio at Hear Here Presents for a session. Today, Live For Live Music is proud to premiere pro-shot footage of the in-studio performance, which came prior to the band’s headlining performance at the Colectivo Backroom on January 17th, 2020.

Opening up with an ambient jam, Garcia Peoples make their presence known at the non-profit studio. Quickly settling into something reminiscent of a late-60s “Morning Dew” from the Grateful Dead, the band plays on as the dust clears from the apocalypse. Before long, however, things kick into gear as the three-pronged guitar approach of Tom Malach, Danny Arakaki, and Derek Spaldo comes together as if they were playing the same droning Stratocaster.

After over 12 minutes of jamming, which constantly teeters on the border of avant garde and an all-out musical assault, the session takes some semblance of shape with the introduction to “One Step Behind”. This serves as only a teaser, however, as the blissful opening guitar eventually gives way to “Feel So Great”. As the song begins again to drift into hyperspace, secret weapon and multi-instrumentalist Pat Gubler trades his keyboard for flute as the band’s numerous styles coalesce into some of the best psychedelic improvisation to hit the live music scene in recent years.

Reminiscing on the session, bassist Andy Cush tells Live For Live Music, “The Hear Here crew took such good care of us while we were in Milwaukee, and gave this session the energy of a proper show even though there were only a handful of people in the studio. Also, GP takes sandwiches almost as seriously as we take music, and they gave us some of the best we’ve ever had on the road.”

In addition to the Hear Here session, Live For Live Music is also debuting Garcia Peoples’ latest track, “Gliding Through”, set to appear on the band’s forthcoming record, Nightcap at Wits’ End, out October 9th via Beyond Beyond is Beyond. The grounded respite of the song’s vocals provide a clearer picture of the band’s prowess when examined in tandem with the Hear Here session. Here is a song just over four minutes in length, with a conventional structure that even the most timid listeners can enjoy. With mid-song keyboard flourishes that guide the tune down dark alleys, it also presents a bit of the danger and unpredictability that will no doubt make the song a live monster.

Derek Spaldo said of the single, set to appear on the band’s forthcoming record Nightcap at Wits’ End, out October 9th,

Tom [Malach] brought in the music for “Gliding Through” during a weekend writing retreat at Black Dirt Studio, where we workshopped much of Nightcap at Wits’ End. Lyrically, the song is about having profound faith despite adversity and urges the listener to remember the sacred interconnectedness of humanity.

Watch Garcia Peoples perform at Hear Here Presents back in January, and stream their latest single, “Gliding Through”, below.

Garcia Peoples at Hear Here Presents

[Video: Hear Here Presents]

Garcia Peoples – “Gliding Through”