HighBreedMusic is a Brooklyn-based, artist-forward platform that offers something new to music lovers everywhere—an open window looking into the vibrant world of award-winning, genre-defying artists at the top of their game; a rare chance to experience great music that is completely untainted by industry. This unique grassroots effort, founded by Grammy-winning videographers and producers, brings you some of the most captivating performers from New York City and abroad in their most raw forms. Spanning a variety of musical influences, these artists all share four essential qualities: originality, virtuosity, authenticity, and timelessness.

Funk-fusion collective Ghost-Note embodies each and every one of those crucial characteristics with ease. Powered by the exceedingly talented percussion duo of Robert Sput Searight and Nate Werth, the constantly evolving group is rapidly becoming one of the most mesmerizing live acts on the road. Recently, Ghost-Note stopped by HighBreedMusic’s Bushwick, Brooklyn Recording Lounge for an intimate, invite-only filming session.

The band worked through material from their 2018 LP, Swagism, a thematically powerful and thoroughly unique fusion record loaded with world-class talent. The Swagism material is even more impressive in a live setting, retaining the tight-yet-lucid vibe of the record while also serving as a jaw-dropping showcase of each individual band member’s prodigious musical ability.

Each time HighBreedMusic hosts one of these intimate performances, they release an expertly-curated live video to let fans everywhere in on the deeply personal experience. Today, Live For Live Music is excited to premiere the video of Ghost-Note’s performance of Swagism track “Funk You Muthafunka” from their HighBreedMusic session—an up-close look at the collective abilities of this incredible outfit. You can check out the video below:

Ghost-Note – “Funk You Muthafunka”

[Video: HighBreedMusic]

For more information on HighBreedMusic, or to check out videos from previous sessions, head to their website here.

Ghost-Note will embark on a run of U.S. club shows and festival dates in June before heading Europe for a brief tour in early July. For a full list of upcoming Ghost-Note performances, head to the band’s website.