Denver-based producer Alex Medellin, better known by his stage-name, Late Night Radio, has been cranking out an expansive catalog of music and showcasing his diversity within the electronic realm over the last half-decade. Today, he has released his longest and most innovative project yet, Sunday, featuring 11 hair-raising, feel-good tracks via Philos Records.

Late Night Radio, like others from the fast-rising Philos team, brought an album full of soul and life to the table. More so than previous Late Night Radio records, Sunday features a more noticeable gospel influence thrown into the mix of Medellin’s psychedelic, chilled-out blend of electro-soul and hip-hop fusion. The first track on the album, “Family Dinner” (ft. Clark Smith, Recess & Brisco Jones), sets the tone of the project with an irresistibly-fun, head-nodding beat featuring dashes of a church choir, brass, and guitar that highlight the overall vibe of the album. From there, the rest of the album follows its pace, taking the listener on a ride through the exuberant mind and soul of Medellin.

“I only recently realized it, but my favorite music is always hair-raising”, Alex Medellin tells Live For Live Music. “I’m really into feel-good hip-hop, soul, and funk, and all of those styles are rooted in gospel progressions. As I’ve gotten older, that has really had an effect on my music. For Sunday, the vision was to take bits and pieces of those genres and chop them up into something new. It was a natural step for me to pay homage to what I grew up on. You could call it ‘Sunday music.’”

The album flows very naturally from track-to-track, each one bringing a different feeling of joy along with it. They all lead up to Sunday‘s final track and lead single, “In My Mind”, which features deeply soulful and moving vocals from Juliana Reed and guitar from Sunsquabi’s Kevin Donohue.

For the first time in his career, Late Night Radio will be releasing a live studio recording of “Sunday” later this month, on November 26th. The live album features his guitar playing and keys as well as live horn sections, trumpet, trombone, and saxophone. ”

To celebrate this new release, Late Night Radio will host an official album release party at Denver’s Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom tomorrow, November 9th, where he’ll perform with a live band featuring support from other Philos Records artists: Daily Bread, Recess, and Derlee. Tickets are available here.

Read on for a deeper look into what’s to come from Late Night Radio, and take a listen to the premiere of Sunday below…

L4LM: With the inclusion of a live band for your show at Cervantes, do you see your live shows changing moving forward?

LNR: It definitely opens up another avenue and direction my music/performances can go. I’m able to play tunes that I normally wouldn’t play alone but I don’t see it completely changing my shows moving forward, just adding another side to the project.

L4LM: Do you have a song off Sunday you are most excited to play for a crowd?

LNR: I can’t really narrow it down to just one track but playing with the live band is always something really special for me. It’s extremely rewarding to see the music I’ve written really come to life.

L4LM: What does this album mean to you?

LNR: This album means the world to me, it’s the culmination of years of musical collaborations, friendships and a lifetime of sounds in my head. This is also my first album to be pressed to vinyl via Philos Records and I really strived to make this a cohesive record you want to play from front to back. In a world of quick singles and bangers, I set out to make a timeless piece of music paying homage to all the things I love in music.

Late Night Radio’s Sunday will be officially released on November 9th. Pre-order your vinyl copy here.

Late Night Radio – Sunday – Full Album Premiere