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PREMIERE: Midtown Social Releases Funky California Soul Single “Socialite Boogie”

San Francisco soul, funk, and rock ensemble Midtown Social is freshly squeezed and downright irresistible. The band’s nine members (Aaron Joseph – keys and vocals, Kisura Nyoto – vocals, Richard Julia – drums, Rory Matthews – guitar, Sarah Rice – bass, Adam Rubinger – percussion, Lydia Eysellenne – violin, Teddy Raven – saxophone and flute, and Whitney Moses – vocals) form a collaborative community of writers, arrangers and artists. On April 14th, the California good-timers will release their self-titled full-length debut album. Today, Live For Live Music is proud to premiere the fruits of Midtown Social’s artistic brain trust–their soulfully sunny new single “Socialite Boogie”:

Says keyboardist/vocalist Aaron Joseph, “This track in many ways personifies the heart and soul of Midtown Social because it’s about, and was written for, our community. It imagines that one moment of a day when you’re allowed to forget the problems and worries of the world and just be yourself. We’d like to dedicate this track to all our ‘socialites’ out there who know how to be themselves and aren’t afraid to bring the party.”

Following the release of their debut EP Down On Sixth, as rates of eviction and homelessness soared due to technology-driven corporate gentrification in the Bay Area, Midtown Social began hosting charitable fundraisers, including one for the Homeless Youth Alliance. With San Francisco flush with tech money but wracked by police violence and deepening social tensions, the band decided their next release should stand as a voice for the people. Midtown Social documents the struggle to make art in a city and a society divided against itself. Recorded at John Vanderslice’s magical, all-analog Tiny Telephone studio in San Francisco with engineer Jamie Riotto, the new album captures Midtown Social’s raw live sound without any unnecessary ornamentation.

The band will hold a record release party at THE MEZZANINE in San Francisco on Saturday, April 5th with help from Antonio Guedes & The Chilaqueles and Down North. For tickets to the album release, head here. For more information on the Midtown Social and their upcoming album, head to the band’s website.