Meet Dr. Adam Zwig—psychologist-musician, educator, and author. He holds a PhD in clinical psychology, has had 9 Top Ten hit singles on the U.S Adult Contemporary charts, and is an internationally renowned workshop leader and lecturer. His forthcoming book, Music in the Mayhem: Tales of Total Transformation from a Rock n Roll Psychotherapist, shows how life problems are not pathological but rather personal growth processes trying to happen. His podcast, The Dr. Zwig Show, just launched yesterday.

As if all of that wasn’t enough to keep him busy, today, Dr. Zwig releases “Can You Feel This Love”, the first single from his forthcoming EP, and its accompanying music video exclusively via Live For Live Music. The full EP is set for a March 19th, 2021 release via Conscious Records.

dr. zwig can you feel this love

The video for the David Bianco-produced track sees Dr. Zwig once again teaming up with director Laban, the visual mind behind his previously-released visuals for “Gusto God” and “Raising People“. In the clip, we drop in on an idyllic, early-’60s family dinner. The black-and-white, Leave It To Beaver-like aesthetic, however, quickly takes on an eerie new layer as we see the family members each wrapped up in their respective cellular devices—the only sources of color and wonder in their drab reality.

As the droning tension continues to build, we’re shown a sterile, plastic version of emotion—”I love your cooking,” says the dad in a starkly disinterested tone, his eyes and attention buried deep in the screen in his hand. In a fleeting moment of mental resolve, the daughter—our heroine—breaks herself free from the technologically-induced trance. After trying unsuccessfully to rouse her family from cyberspace, she proceeds to microwave her phone and set off in search of real life—and full color—as the rhythmic pop of Dr. Zwig’s sunny guitar part rolls in.

As our young protagonist explores the colorful world outside her smartphone, the video is intercut with Dr. Zwig and company playing and laughing along around a beachside campfire. As the sun sets, the daughter stumbles across the party on the beach and, as Zwig’s warm, bright vocals ring out, she joins in on the fun—truly “feeling this love” while her family remains wrapped up in their screens, ignoring the sparks and smoke billowing from her microwaved phone.

“The song speaks to that which we need in order to heal and grow, not only within ourselves, but as a world community, as well.” Dr. Zwig tells Live For Live Music. “We need to understand that life’s problems are meaningful and purposeful processes that aim at change and growth; they’re not meaningless events to ignore, suppress, or simply manage.”

Check out the Live For Live Music premiere of “Can You Feel This Love” by Dr. Zwig below:

Dr. Zwig – “Can You Feel This Love” (Official Video)

[Video: Dr. Zwig]

A true Renaissance man Dr. Zwig is also diving into his first-ever podcast, The Dr. Zwig Show, in which he merges psychology, communication theory, physics, neuroscience, and good old rock n’ roll to help listeners flip the script on negative states of mind. In each episode, DrZ will provide information and practical tools for transforming your problems. Stream the first episode of The Dr. Zwig Show below. New episodes arrive every Tuesday.

The Dr. Zwig Show – Episode 1 – Your Problems Are Your Personal Growth Trying to Happen

[Video: Dr. Zwig]