In 1984, Frank Zappa released a studio version of the Allman Brothers‘ classic “Whipping Post” as the closing track on his album Them or Us. He occasionally included the southern blues-rock ballad into his setlists, which was an atypical thing to do for such an anti-hippie, musical visionary.

It is said that the song came into the Zappa songbook after a fan chanted “Whipping Post” at the 1974 Helsinki show, to which he organically mixed lyrics into the song “Montana” after denying that he even knew the tune. Zappa later released the recording as “Montana (Whipping Floss)” on the live album You Can’t Do That On Stage Anymore. Listen to the legendary version here.

Ten years later, and the band recorded another rendition of “Whipping Post” at length. The experimental flourishing was released on his live recording compilation, “Does Humor Belong in Music?” from the Pier in New York City in August of 1984. Watch the mind-blowing, pro-shot video footage of that recording below:

Frank Zappa, “Whipping Post” 8/26/84:

Compare it to the studio version, recorded sometime between 1981-84: