Today marks the start of the 67th trip around the sun for Rush bassist Geddy Lee, easily one of the most prolific players in all of music. Rush’s progressive rock style is one of a kind, with music that is rigorously composed and perfectly executed. At the heart of it all is Geddy Lee, whose award-winning technique has influenced essentially everyone in rock music who has followed. Through meter, tempo, and key changes, Geddy Lee is a defining force in Rush’s music. Though bass technique isn’t always evident to the casual music listener, Lee’s playing oozes through on every Rush track. Still, it takes some serious study to hear his work in action. Fortunately, there are several isolated bass tracks from Rush’s catalog to really get a glimpse of Geddy Lee’s sound. Get down with some sick Lee basslines in the videos below!

Rush — “YYZ”

[Courtesy of Andre Percebom]

Rush — “Tom Sawyer”

[Courtesy of Andre Percebom]

Rush — “The Spirit Of The Radio”

[Courtesy of Zaqq]

Rush — “La Villa Strangiato”

[Courtesy of Frontline901]

Happy birthday, Geddy! Keep on laying it down!