As the free-lovin’ 1960’s were coming to an end, the Grateful Dead were only just getting started. The band continued to grow in popularity, embracing their fans like none had before. By the end of their 5th year, the whole Bay Area in California would be the first domino to fall in a series of Deadhead conversions, with Los Angeles soon following suit.

Meanwhile, another group called Crosby Stills And Nash were finding their own voice amid the troubled times. It seems only natural that these two musical forces would intersect, with some overlapping influences (folk/rock) and a similar approach to challenging oppression with peace, love, and music. While Jerry Garcia would later contribute to David Crosby’s album, it was Stephen Stills who joined the Dead on this night, 49 years ago.

Stills came in for five songs total: “Casey Jones,” “Good Morning Little Schoolgirl,” “Morning Dew,” “Black Peter” and, later on in the show, “Turn On Your Lovelight.” Listen to the full 12/10/69 show from the Thelma Theatre in Los Angeles, CA, below:

Grateful Dead – 12/10/69 – Full Show Audio

[Audio: Jonathon Aizen]