As the face of groups such as Hayley Jane and the Primates and her duo Yes, Darling with Ryan MontbleauHayley Jane has never had any problem putting herself out there—or if she has, then she sure never told anyone. The Burlington, VT singer, songwriter, and actress is back once again with the solo effort, “Soul Shaken”.

On this latest single, set to be included on her forthcoming debut solo album, Jane has stripped away her band and any camouflage they may have provided her. What viewers are left with is a raw depiction of a woman bearing all and giving the world her story.

A collaborative effort with fellow songwriter Mitch Chakour, the six-minute-long “Soul Shaken” plays more like the tales of a traveling troubadour than a conventional pop song. In personal narratives interspersed with a catchy refrain, Jane reveals her own adventures—both high and low—with finding acceptance and inner-salvation, surrounded by people “making the same mistake again.”

As Hayley Jane explains to Live For Live Music about the conversational approach that she and Chakour took to approaching their respective religious backgrounds,

I told him that, though I disagreed with a lot of what was preached to me as a child (as a girl and young woman I had felt held down by my church, like I was lesser than men), what I missed most was the music. I was raised baptist and singing was an integral part of worship. Something about singing to my creator was so powerful. Mitch explained that “gospel” just means “message” and he encouraged me to write a gospel song using words and a message that resonated with me. He began to play the chords and the message poured out of me like water through an opened dam. I’m grateful for Mitch and I’m so happy to have had that day with him.

Today, Live For Live Music is proud to premiere “Soul Shaken”, the latest single from Hayley Jane.

Hayley Jane – “Soul Shaken”

[Video: Hayley Jane]

While “Soul Shaken” is set to be included on Jane’s forthcoming debut solo album, the ongoing global health crisis has put the album’s production on hold for the time being. As music industry professionals try to figure out their next moves, Jane has started her own Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for her debut album. Check out the cause and consider donating through this link.