Guitarist Joe Marcinek is one musician who’s been all over the scene for several years. The Joe Marcinek Band is known for an ever-evolving cast of characters that spice up the stage during performances. Ranging from George Porter Jr. to Melvin Seals and Marcus King to Ivan Neville, Marcinek is no stranger to playing with a wide range of artists. In fact, the last known recordings of Bernie Worrell were with the Joe Marcinek Band. Clearly, his musical talents and artistry speak for themselves. His music is a melting pot of genres that flow in and out of jazz, jam, blues, and funk, to name a few. This revolving artistry creates a well-balanced musical meal for even the most distinguished music fan.

Marcinek’s impressive resume continues to build with his latest release, JM3. On the musical scale, this album slides into the smoother, silkier jazz side of genres. Joining him on the album are California-based organist Wil Blades and New Orleans drummer Terence Higgins. This organ trio truly shines on Marcinek’s latest album release.

JM3 opens with a punchy “Mojo”, setting the pace for the listener throughout the remainder of the album. Jazzy jams coerce the listener to get up and dance to the grooves that shine throughout this opening tune. Tasty drums hit the sweet spot and go deep in the pocket before “Terre Haute Blues” takes over. The second track slumbers along at an easy pace. Marcinek effortlessly works his magic up and down the guitar while punchy keys pepper the melody, creating a swirl of uncomplicated music.

Easy strolling “Funnily” takes its time with an unhurried guitar and gentle keys that sway in and out of relaxing tones and playful chords. Picking up the pace, “If You Want” throws out a touch of funk sprinkled with a side of sass. Blades tiptoes around the drums with an airy beat while Higgins glues the backbone of the tune together with breezy notes flowing from the organ. As expected, a beautiful arrangement of “Roses” is an uplifting track brimming with sprightly chords along the way.

“What Cha Gonna Do” is filled with mystery and secrecy. This track would fit right in with a whodunnit. The pace of the melody edges along cliffhanger tones steeped in a fusion of jazz and blues that beg the listener to get up and dance. Changing pace, “Mercy Boogie” throws out some serious gospel energy. Blades lays it down with heavy organ while Higgins shows off his jazzy chops on the drums. Wrapping up the album is “Luna”, a clean track set at a smooth pace that makes the perfect closer to a flawlessly produced album.

If you’re not familiar with Joe Marcinek, JM3 makes the perfect musical treat to be introduced to his addictive style. Make sure to catch him on tour as you never know who’s going to show up on stage.

For more information about Joe Marcinek, JM3 and tour dates, please visit his official website. In the meantime, listen to the full album below!

Joe Marcinek Band’s JM3

[Words by Sarah Bourque]