At a time when African-American music was helping to break down racial barriers, one artist stood at the crux of two vastly different cultures: Chuck Berry. Practically single-handedly, Berry created the genre of rock and roll by adapting a legacy of blues music to a wider audience. Between his catchy riffs and his on-stage persona, anyone who plays guitar today would cite Berry as an influence. He’s that ubiquitous.

While Berry scored many hits during his career, none resound quite as much as the tale of “Johnny B. Goode”. The rockin’ tale of the country boy was released on this date 63 years ago, on March 31st, 1958, as a single with “Around & Around” as the B-Side. Partly autobiographical (according to Berry), the song has been covered by hundreds of musicians and even played a role in the hit film, Back To The Future.

In honor of the “Johnny B. Goode” milestone, here are some of our favorite renditions of the song.

Jimi Hendrix

[Video: drubystroker]

The Beach Boys

[Video: John1948OneC2]

Grateful Dead

[Video: Whoa Dude Righteous]

Phish (Get ready to jam with this one)

[Video: deadphishpanthers76]

John Lennon w/ Chuck Berry

[Video: Clément Monterastelli / Dr FeelGood]

Bruce Springsteen w/ Chuck Berry

[Video: Rock & Roll Hall of Fame]

John Mayer Trio

[Video: ciosmusic]

Green Day

[Video: Rams Martinez]

Back To The Future (Michael J. Fox)

[Video: Movieclips]

Chuck Berry (the version that started it all!)

[Video: pigcityrecords]

[Originally published 3/31/18]