Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey is a sonic exploration through time and space. Classic instruments like grand piano and guitar are juxtaposed with new age loops and synths, making for an entirely unique experience that seamlessly bridges old school and modern vibes. With Brian Haas on acoustic piano/Fender Rhodes/bass Moog and synth, Chris Combs on electric guitar/lap steel and synth, and Josh Raymer on drums, the result is progressive and dynamic.

As the band is always thinking out of the box, their forthcoming album, The Battle For Earth, will be released not only as a digital download, but also as part of a limited edition comic book. Pre-order the album alone here, or get it with the comic book here.

We’re excited to bring you a track off the highly anticipated album, titled “Betamax,” which is not only a sexy, jazzy tune but also contains underlying social commentary.

“Technology is constantly shifting and mutating; forever ahead of our own evolution,” Brian Haas explains. “‘Betamax’ is a compositional reaction against tech acceleration and the insecure need of our society to always have the newest and best gadget. Sometimes, technology separates us from our true nature and prevents us from experiencing life as ‘now.’ Social media often proves to be anti-social; it masquerades as human interaction. Kids don’t play outside because it’s safer to ‘win’ video games and stare at screens. The beautiful thing about music is that it brings humans together as witnessed at this JFJO show in Denver from where the performance was recorded. Our little protest song against mass computerization hopefully creates a present, connected experience ‘in the now.'”

Check out the exclusive premiere of “Betamax” here:

Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey Tour Dates:

September 19 – Oklahoma City, OK – WestFest
September 22 – Tulsa, OK – The Vanguard (#)
October 9 – Kansas City, MO – Oddly Correct ($)
October 10 – Kansas City, MO – Oddly Correct
October 16 – New Orleans, LA – The Howlin’ Wolf (%)
October 21 – Santa Fe, NM – The High Note
October 22 – Albuquerque, NM – The Outpost
October 23 & 24 – Denver, CO – The 1up (^)
October 30 & 31 – San Francisco, CA – Docs’ Lab (&)
November 5 & 6 – Seattle, WA – Earshot Jazz Festival @ Royal Room (^)
November 7 – Portland, OR – The Goodfoot Lounge (*)

# – w/ Thundercat
$ – w/ Mark Southerland
% – w/ Youngblood Brass Band and Mike Dillon Band
^ – w/ Skerik
& – w/ Skerik and Chris Noonan
* – w/ Skerik, Wil Blades and DJ Logic