The newest addition to Gramatik’s Lowtemp label is Temu, who joins the group with his brand new EP, Rise of the Necrodancer. The eight song collection from this insanely talented artist is available to stream in full, exclusively on Live for Live Music!

Hailing from NYC, it’s hard to believe that the whole Necrodancer album is the work of one individual. Temu’s versatility as a musician sets him apart, as his music ranges from soul, hip hop, blues, rock, ballads, and everything in between. He’s been described as a “21st Century P-Funk,” and with good reason – his music can be downright funky.

The Necrodancer EP is comprised of eight original, unreleased tracks from Temu’s collection, including grooves like “Who Funkin,” rockers like “Magic & Sorcery,” and straight-up funk tracks like the “Ode To Bootsy.” It’s new funk meets old funk, and we’re certainly digging the fresh sound!

For more from Temu, head to his official website. Details about the Necrodancer EP can be found below:

Rise of the Necrodancer Tracklist:
01. Who Funkin’
02. Magic & Sorcery
03. Jooze Pt. 1
04. Boogaloo Blues
05. Body Move (Magic & Sorcery STANKAFIED)
06. Take The Funk From Me
07. Funkadophilus & The Brass Operator (An Ode to
08. Temu’s Talkbox Groove