While Turkuaz gears up for a forthcoming fall tour presented by Live for Live Music, the 9-piece funk army prepares to release their forthcoming album, Digitoniumout on Friday, October 2nd. In the meantime, we have a sneak peak via a new single off the album, “Percy Thrills, the Moondog.”

“The idea for ‘Percy Thrills, the Moondog’ was born out of a live improv set we once did, and was later fleshed out and turned into a real song in the studio while making this album,  Digitonium” says lead singer David Brandwein. “It’s a fun and upbeat tune with lots of interesting sounds going on. You may even hear some dogs barking (not real ones, though). Lyrically, the song sits nicely in the middle of this record, which is our first foray into the world of concept albums. The concept may come and go occasionally (stopping miles short of a funk opera), but it does see it’s way through both musically and lyrically in a way we’re all really happy with. See if you can pick some of it up once you hear the whole record. But for now, enjoy an afternoon with Percy.”

Digitonium is now available for pre-order through iTunes. Anyone who pre-orders will receive an instant download of new tune, “The Generator.” Digitonium will be released on Friday, Oct. 2nd.

Turkuaz Fall Tour: