There are few places more perfect to spend New Year’s Eve than New York City, home of the iconic ball drop in Times Square. Just a few blocks away, Phish fans will flock from all around the world to see the band’s big New Year’s run at Madison Square Garden, from December 30th through January 2nd.

While all four shows are bound to be fantastic, Phish always puts in a little extra something on New Year’s Eve. Take a look back through all of the band’s stunts from all eight of the YEMSG’s past! We can’t wait for #9!

1995: Phish travels through time.

In set three, Phish unveiled a Gamehendgian ability to travel through time, as drummer Jon Fishman was reborn as baby New Year’s.

1997: Udder chaos!

Just… what?! Is there anything as weirdly magical as ’97 Phish?

1998: The Devil made them do it…

Even when the band tries to keep it simple with some dancers, fireworks and balloons, the results get a little over the top!

2002: Back to work!

For their first show in almost two years, Phish decided to Let It Snow with fake precipitation during “Seven Below.”

2010: A ‘Meatstick’ for the ages

Apparently the boys got their addresses mixed up, because this version of “Meatstick” is more in tune with Broadway than MSG.

2011: Rising on “Steam.”

The craziness of a Phish New Years show isn’t confined to the stage… sometimes even the crowd gets lifted up in the proceedings.

2012: Golf Cart Mayhem

The band actually staged a runaway golf cart marathon! Not to mention the whole golf-themed finale…

2013: JEMP Truck Crashes The Floor

The band took to the middle of the floor for this one-of-a-kind set, recreating their original setup with hockey-stick microphones and classic songs.

The level of preparation the band puts into their New Year’s productions is truly impressive. Whatever they have in store for 2015, we know the music will be epic, the balloons will be flying, and the fans will be in heaven!