Since the jamtronica powerhouse Lotus formed in 1999 in Indiana, the band has constantly been pushing their limits and exploring and expanding their sound. While we love where the band is at now with the addition of guitarist Tim Palmieri and the group’s invigorating 2022 album Bloom & Recede, sometimes it’s nice to get nostalgic about our favorite artists and reminisce about the jams of yesteryear.

Thus, for your listening pleasure is this nine-song show from 2002, when Lotus was still in its formative beginning stages and late drummer Chuck Morris had only been with the group for a year (RIP Chuck). This recording captures the band playing at Munchie’s Emporium, a diner in Fort Wayne, IN, and perfectly captures the super laid-back and tight grooves of old-school Lotus that made many of us fall in love with them in the first place.

Because the crispy recording is from back in the day, the setlist features some of fan-favorite older Lotus tracks, including a 26-minute “Sunrain”, which still has the ability to get a crowd going more than 20 years later. With a four-song first set and five-song second set and zero songs coming in under ten minutes, this show is a throwback scorcher. Listen for yourself below, courtesy of Todd Betker.

Lotus – Munchie’s Emporium – Fort Wayne, IN – 2/9/02
[Audio: Todd Betker]

Setlist: Lotus | Munchie’s Emporium | Fort Wayne, IN | 2/9/02

Set One: Moss Shoes, In The Bliss, It’s All Clear To Me Now, L’Immeuble

Set Two: Floating Amidst, Nematode, Spiraling Line of Light, Sunrain, Continuum

[Originally published 2/9/18]