Satisfied Productions brought together an incredible line up for their 15th annual Bayou Rendezvous, including supergroups and amazing touring acts like the funky soul of the Monophonics. Best of all, these incredible players came together to help to help raise money for the New Orleans Musicians Clinic & Assistance Foundation, and the production house brought in artists and bands from around the country to help their fine efforts reach those in need. The Monophonics certainly held nothing back during their performance, proudly declaring their presence at Jazz Fest with their extravagant performance.

Watching the Monophonics’ set at the Bayou Rendezvous was like watching elements of all your favorite 60’s and 70’s funk and soul bands fuse into one sonic juggernaut. As organist and lead singer Kelly Finnigan poured every last drop of his life’s blood into each chord and tortured lyrics, the dynamic team around him was scoring major points from all sides. Horns blared and guitar lines slinked through dense percussive pockets, while the crowd danced and swayed in perfect connection to the sound getting laid down. Not content to just knock it out of the park, the Monophonics brought out members of Orgone and Kofi Burbridge to make the night even funkier. Pulling out some choice Funkadelic material to complement their own sound, the Monophonics showed that they are true masters of their craft.

Best of all, this display came to aid the aforementioned New Orleans Musicians Clinic. Since 1988, the Foundation has helped the under and uninsured part of the city’s extensive musician population get the health care they so desperately need. Dedicating yourself to making music for the world to enjoy can be rewarding, but not as lucrative as one would hope. By providing a safety net to New Orleans’ many musicians, the clinic allows them to keep doing what they love (and sharing it with us grateful folks), and also provides a sense of well-being to their families as well. As such, when given the chance to help out other struggling musicians, players come in a little sharper and ready to give their all. Before we get to the sharing portion of the piece, we wanted to remind you that the caring part of this article never stops. The Clinic is always in need, and donations can be made HERE to this wonderful and necessary charity that keeps the music we love for nice and healthy.

We’ve already seen some lovely photos from the Bayou Rendezvous from Chad Anderson and some fun videos from Dr. Klaw’s and the Bayou Rendezvous All-Star’s sets from our own Rex Thomson, but now let’s check out a few highlights from the Monophonics’ epic set at the 15th annual Bayou Rendezvous.


“They Don’t Understand”

“Sure Is Funky”

“Find My Way Back Home”

“High Off Your Love”