Today marks the 65th birthday of Rush drummer Neil Peart, unequivocally considered to be one of the best rhythm makers in all of music. Peart’s ability to pour powerful energy into complex and unusual meters is what defines his style, especially in a progressive rock outfit like Rush. With so many musically-trained listeners tuning into the Rush catalog, its no surprise that Peart is considered one of the best.

Influenced by hard rock drummers like Keith Moon and John Bonham, Peart descends from that tradition with an incredible stamina. He sets himself apart, however, by leading his band through atypical time signatures, making it look easy with precision technique.

Of course, any Rush show will feature an opportunity for Peart to take center stage with a balls-to-the-wall drum solo. Taken from the Time Machine DVD from 2011, this awesome video captures the essence of Neil Peart at his finest. Nobody does it like Neil.

Watch this crazy drum solo below, and join us in wishing Neil Peart a very happy birthday!