Well, well, well, you can never tell. After 13 years of performing together, the Grateful Dead started to explore newer directions. The result was the band’s tenth studio album, Shakedown Street, officially released on November 15th, 1978—43 years ago today.

Though perhaps best known for its disco-infused title track “Shakedown Street”, the album offered a number of classics to the band’s repertoire. “Fire On The Mountain”—contributed by Mickey Hart—makes its first studio appearance on the album. So does the unforgettable Bob Weir/John Perry Barlow blues-rocker “I Need A Miracle”, the anthem of finger-waving fans looking for extra tickets. Covers of “Good Lovin'” and “All New Minglewood Blues” help to round out the album, as well as Donna Jean Godchaux’s “From The Heart Of Me”. Not to mention “Stagger Lee” and “If I Had The World To Give”, two Jerry Garcia/Robert Hunter numbers deserving of musical love.

The album was also notable for its producer—Lowell George of Little Feat fame. Though George died one year after Shakedown Street‘s release, his rock and roll edge certainly comes through upon a full listen. With “Good Lovin'” at the top of the album, Shakedown Street is something of a party, and we’re all invited to celebrate with the Grateful Dead.

In honor of the Shakedown Street 43rd anniversary, you can take a listen to the whole album below via Spotify:

Grateful Dead – Shakedown Street (1978) – Full Album

Grateful Dead – Shakedown Street – Tracklisting

Side One:
“Good Lovin'” (Rudy Clark and Arthur Resnick) — 0:00
“France” (Mickey Hart, Robert Hunter, and Bob Weir) — 4:49
“Shakedown Street” (Jerry Garcia and Hunter) — 8:52
“Serengetti” (Hart and Bill Kreutzmann) — 13:52
“Fire on the Mountain” (Hart and Hunter) — 15:52

Side Two:
“I Need a Miracle” (John Perry Barlow and Weir) — 19:38
“From the Heart of Me” (Donna Jean Godchaux) — 23:12
“Stagger Lee” (Garcia and Hunter) — 26:35
“All New Minglewood Blues” (Noah Lewis) — 30:01
“If I Had the World to Give” (Garcia and Hunter) — 34:15

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[Originally published 11/15/16]