On this day in 2006, Widespread Panic stopped in Macon, GA for a performance at the Macon Centerplex as part of their 2006 fall tour. The performance was particularly notable for the parade of special guests that joined Panic onstage throughout the night.

While this show took place during Jimmy Herring‘s first tour as the band’s lead guitarist, they took the stage to start the Macon show with extra guitarist John Keane in tow. Keane, of course, was no stranger to playing with Widespread Panic at that point. Following the end of George McConnell‘s brief stint as the band’s guitarist, Keane and Sam Holt had filled in on guitar for a number of Panic tour dates earlier that summer.

Keane stayed with the band on stage through much of their first set on 10/7/06 in Macon, adding pedal steel texture to “From The Cradle” and additional guitar lines to “Better Off” and “Driving Song” > “Walkin’ (For Your Love)” > “Driving Song” before the core band took the show into setbreak with a powerful “Proving Ground” > “Action Man”.

After the core band kicked off set two with “Thought Sausage”, Keane once again joined in for “Holden Oversoul”, which segued into “Jack”. Ahead of the next song, John Bell informed the crowd that “we’ve got a lot of people here with us right now…we’re just gonna play” as vocalist Susan Tedeschi, keyboardist Kofi Burbridge, percussionist Yonrico Scott, and saxophonist Randall Bramblett appeared onstage for a collaborative rendition of Jimi Hendrix classic, “Little Wing”.

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While an undeniably thrilling performance to begin with, this collaboration has taken on added emotional weight over the course of this year following the recent deaths of both Kofi Burbridge and Yonrico Scott.

Thankfully, crowd-shot footage of this “family affair” circulates on YouTube, so you can the magic of that guest-heavy Widespread Panic “Little Wing” below:

Widespread Panic w/ Susan Tedeschi, Kofi Burbridge, Yonrico Scott, Randall Bramblett – “Little Wing” [Jimi Hendrix cover] – 10/7/06

[Video: mrcrystalball]

The collaborations in Macon didn’t stop there, as John Keane joined in again for the ensuing “Ribs and Whiskey” > “Surprise Valley. The “Drums” that followed saw Yonrico Scott once again jump in on percussion before the band finished out their second set on a strong note with “Rebirtha” > “Surprise Valley” > “Space Wrangler”. When the band re-emerged for their encore, Keane once again sat in on pedal steel for “Expiration Day” before making his exit ahead of a “Henry Parsons Died” show closer.

Thanks to Curtis George at PanicStream for reminding us of this incredible collaboration. You can stream a full audio recording of the show here via PanicStream.

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Setlist: Widespread Panic | Macon Centerplex | Macon, GA | 10/7/06

Set One: From the Cradle** > Makes Sense to Me, Better Off*, Happy, Driving Song* > Walkin’ (for Your Love)* > Driving Song* > Proving Ground > Action Man

Set Two: Thought Sausage, Holden Oversoul* > Jack, Little Wing***, Ribs and Whiskey* > Surprise Valley*, Drums**** > Rebirtha > Surprise Valley > Space Wrangler

Encore: Expiration Day**, Henry Parsons Died

* with John Keane on Guitar
** with John Keane on Pedal Steel
*** with Randall Bramblett on Saxophone, Susan Tedeschi on vocals, Kofi Burbridge on keys, and Yonrico Scott on percussion
**** with Yonrico Scott on percussion

[Originally published on 10/7/19]