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PREMIERE: The Porchistas’ Debut New Dubby, Politically Charged Single, “Ebolabama”

The Porchistas, the eccentric, genre-blending band from Montclair, New Jersey, just debuted their latest single, a politically charged, dub- and jam-inspired track called “Ebolabama” off their latest EP, Axis & Allies. Following in the footsteps of Frank Zappa and Ween, the group fearlessly blends musical styles, with their complex arrangements and tongue-in-cheek lyrics winning them a bounty of fans.

The Porchistas are rooted in a sense of staying true to themselves, whether that means actively building a sense of community at their shows or being honest and overt in their left-of-center leanings. As The Porchistas founder Alan “Sucia” Smith says about the project, “We see music and art as community building endeavors. When we throw events and shows at the house we try to make them trash free or trash minimal at least. We make food and have pot lucks to try to stoke a sense of community. We try to do things a little differently to show that rock and roll doesn’t have to be a wasteful shit show. Caring about the planet and progressive politics are a part of who we are and I don’t want that to be separate from my music life.”

Thus, it’s unsurprising that The Porchistas latest single, “Ebolabama,” is unflinching with its political message (much like their other song,”Mister Chump“), with a satirical jab at the conspiracy theories and fake news that surrounded Barack Obama’s presidency. As Smith said about the track, “We wrote Ebolabama to parody the constant barrage of fake news conspiracy stories about President Obama that came out during his time in office. We never thought the perpetuators of those stories would take control of the country and yet here we are.”

You can listen to the Live For Live Music premiere of The Porchistas’ latest song, “Ebolabama,” and read the song’s full lyrics below. For more information about the group, head over to their website here.

The Porchistas’ “Ebolabama” Lyrics

Malcolm and Assata went to Kenya had a baby
Left him to be raised by the crazies at Madrassas
They Put him on a boat and sent him to Aloha
Little old lady, she became his grandma

She forged his birth certificate, taught him to be a commie
He took a trip to Mars where he formed the Devil’s Army
She knew the truth so he had to kill his Grandma
The Anti-Christ, The Chosen One,


Ebolabama – Robots are watching you
Obama-Drama – Checkin up on what you do
Hezbollah-Bama – Listening to what you say
Obama-Rama – So he can take your guns away

Went to Hollywood became a sex slave to the news
Coronated king by the liberal “woooo”
Planned 9-11 with his cousin Osama
Whose living in the basement of the White House with his Mama

Staged mass shootings to take away your guns
Leaving only non-English speaking immigrant sons
Started death panels and brought Ebola here
He killed Antonin Scalia


Ebolabama – Robots are watching you
Obama-Drama – Checkin up on what you do
Hezbollah-Bama – Listening to what you say
Obama-Rama – So he can take your guns away
Nazi-Obama – Conquering the Lone Star State
Zombie-Obama – Renaming it Kuwait
Talibani-Bama – Prince of Darkness has returned
Iraqi-Bama – The whole world is gonna burn