Brooklyn Comes Alive brought together an insane list of collaborations, including a Saturday set from New Orleans heavyweights George Porter Jr., Skerik and Mike Dillon. While the avante garde roots of sax demon Skerik made perfect sense against the percussive mayhem of Dillon, the inclusion of the legendary funk pioneer, The Meters bassist George Porter Jr., gave the band a perfect blend of styles and sensibilities. Though billed as a trio, the players welcomed organist Wil Blades, trumpeter Maurice “Mobetta” Brown and guitarist Monica Khot to join in and add to the swirling stew of funk, soul, and lunacy.

You can throw buzz words and phrases like challenging, groovy, and awe-inspiring at the set and come nowhere near giving folks a real impression of the music these disparate performers came up with. It’s impossible to truly describe the free-flowing jams the artists put together, so instead we thought we would just share the sights and sounds of the magic that went down. See and hear for yourselves the special set the lucky ones in attendance got to enjoy in the videos and audio below. Blast off!

You can also listen to the full show audio below, as recorded and mixed by Eric McRoberts:

Setlist: George Porter Jr., Mike Dillon, Skerik | Brooklyn Comes Alive | 9/23/17
Intro, Improv, Is It Nature’s Rock N’ Roll?, Ain’t No Sunshine@#, Improve#*

@ w/ Maurice “Mobetta” Brown – Trumpet
# w/ Wil Blades – Organ
* w/ Monica Khot – Guitar

If you are in a mood to hear more of the fun from Brooklyn Comes Alive there are video highlights from the tributes to Herbie Hancock, Jamiroquai, and the Green Day Dookie album available as well with lots more to come. The BCA formula of recruiting artists to curate new bands and musical formations has yielded some truly amazing results. We can’t wait to see what comes next for this exciting new music concept!