At its heart, Brooklyn Comes Alive exists to give musicians a chance to try new things, and the POW! POW! POWER TRIO!, a supergroup featuring members of Dopapod and Pink Talking Fish, certainly provided that opportunity. Dopapod’s Rob Compa jumped at the chance to fulfill a long-standing musical desire—to be part of the magic of a power trio.

When asked about his inspiration for the Pow! Pow! Power Trio! before the festival, Compa had this to say: “Well, I have always wanted to play in a trio. Up until now, I have played with Dopapod, and we have the big Hammond organ sound, which is awesome. With that big sound, I don’t always have to play. I can just sit back and let Eli (Winderman) do his thing, and there is all that great interaction. But I also really like the concept of a trio, and I have always wanted to play in one. The core concept is a tribute to power trios, but we can play whatever we want. I think we’re billing it like we are because the name is just so good. We’re gonna just play what we feel and see where it takes us. It’s the most fun that way. That’s our plan, plain and simple.”

For the POW! POW! POWER TRIO! Compa was joined by Kung Fu drummer Adrian Tramontano and Dopapod bassist Chuck Jones. Together, the trio delivered covers by luminary rock icons such as Frank Zappa, AC/DC, Cream and The James Gang, highlighting the band’s relentless rock spirit and willingness to take risks.

Check out videos of Frank Zappa’s “Apostrophe”, Cream’s version of Robert Johnson’s seminal blues classic “Crossroads”, The Police’s megahit “Message In A Bottle”, and a jam that lands on The James Gang’s “Funk 49” for a real lesson in rock and roll power at it’s finest!



“Message In A Bottle”

“Jam>Funk 49”

To honor their 20th anniversary and the release of it’s not usUmphrey’s McGee will hit New York City for a three-night run at the Beacon Theatre from January 19th through 21st, 2018. Live For Live Music is proud to present two official after-shows in conjunction with the band. On Friday, January 19th, Umphrey’s own Ryan Stasik and Joel Cummins will team up with Matt Jalbert and Isaac Teel of TAUK for a very special “Tauking McGee” show at the Highline Ballroom.

Then, on Saturday, January 20th, the second after-party will showcase a one-off super jam formed by DJ and longtime Umphrey’s McGee pal Wyllys. Dubbed “The Will To Live,” the band will find Rob Compa from Dopapod leading the charge on guitar, while Mike “Maz” Maher from Snarky Puppy lays down his impressive trumpet skills. Those familiar with Wyllys’ NY Hustler Ensemble will recognize three alumni: former Trey Anastasio Band & New York Hieroglyphics man Peter Apfelbaum will be on percussion for the evening, while guitarist Chris Cartelli from Newton Crosby and keyboardist Zac Lasher from U-Melt will round out the all-star cast.

Wyllys Taps TAB, Dopapod, & Snarky Puppy Members For Umphrey’s McGee Afterparty