Soul outfit Vinegar Mother continues to impress with their potent display of musicality, dominating their live performances with an undeniably raw and powerful energy. As the band has been making a name for themselves, they’ll be cementing this reputation with their debut EP, The Sunny Seat, due out on November 18th.

The band’s natural chemistry is fully apparent in their music, mixing elements of soul, jazz, R&B and more to create something wholly unique. With the new album coming out next week, we’re honored to help build the anticipation with a brand new single. Titled “Slow,” the song starts off calmly before erupting behind Julia Zivic’s powerhouse lead vocals.

Says Zivic, “‘Slow’ is a closer look into the lustful side of me; the more animalistic side that has a hunger to feel good with zero strings attached. As a hyper-emotional lady, this side of me was always so confusing. I wouldn’t understand why I would want to be closer to some of my romances. ‘Slow’ is a journey through my phases of lust, and how they make me feel so unlike myself. As the song goes, “then the thoughts come back around / memories of my delusion / I can’t think of my own name / I’m stuck in hallucination.” There’s a darker persona that lurks inside of me, and it’s definitely brought out by this awesomely dark sounding song.” Listen to “Slow” in the player below!

The new album The Sunny Seat is due out on November 18th, and pre-orders will be launched via iTunes and Google Play on November 8th. Anyone who pre-orders the album will get instant access to download the song “Cat Call,” and the full release will be here before you know it! To celebrate, the band is hitting Radio Bean in Burlington, VT for their album release party, so don’t miss out.

You can scope the band’s full tour schedule below, and head to their website for more information.

Vinegar Mother Tour Dates
11/8: Gold Sounds – Brooklyn, NY
11/18: Radio Bean – Burlington, VT *Release Show*
11/30: Pianos – New York, NY
1/8: Pianos – New York, NY w/ The Solars
1/28: Bitter End – New York, NY w/ Weird Winter

[Photo via Jenni Walkowiak]