Doom Flamingo is a relatively new side project of bassist Ryan Stasik. Rooted in synthwave—a modern genre that recalls the retro, synth-heavy tones of 1980s pop music—Doom Flamingo offers Stasik the opportunity to perform with a local group when home in Charleston, South Carolina, and not touring nationwide with fan-favorite progressive jam band Umphrey’s McGee. With a sound that taps into the nostalgia of the 1980s, Doom Flamingo has a two-pronged approach to its songwriting. While the band offers the characteristic radio-friendly pop hooks and dance-friendly sensibilities of the era, the group creates added depth to its songs with a harsher, darker edge that verges of eerie.

Stacked with a killer lineup of six musicians, the project initially came about through friendships and past collaborations, with the band featuring a number of Charleston’s most sought-after artists. Vocalist Kanika Moore has become a standout highlight of the project, wowing both her bandmates and audiences alike with her powerful vocals and captivating stage presence that carries the band. With Moore at Doom Flamingo’s helm, the rest of the band is similarly top-notch, composed of Stasik in addition to Ross Bogan (keys), Mike Quinn (saxophone), Stuart White (drums), and Thomas Kenney (guitar).

Since coming together, the band has been ambitious. Since their debut concert at Mount Pleasant, SC’s Omar Shrine following an Umphrey’s McGee concert back in May of this year, the group has earned rave reviews from fans and critics alike. The group has plans to release its debut four-song EP later this month and has already been featured on SiriusXM—plus the group is working with a Canadian illustrator, Jordan Noir, to create a Doom Flamingo graphic novel based off the band. Paired with the group’s state-of-the-art custom 3D digital projection mapping championed by Christian Hannon of NON Visual, Doom Flamingo is an act music lovers need to keep an eye on.

Today, Live For Live Music is proud to premiere a new track from Doom Flamingo titled “F-16”, which you can stream below. For fans who want to experience Doom Flamingo’s next-level live show for themselves, the band will perform two Umphrey’s McGee’s afterparties next month—on October 11th, the group will play in Charlotte followed by a show in Raleigh on October 12th. For more information on the band, head to Doom Flamingo’s website here.