In September of last year, Dopapod dropped some big news on fans with the announcement of a yearlong hiatus that will span the entirety of 2018. After seven years as road dogs, the idea of time off resonated with the four-piece progressive jam band—comprised of Eli Winderman (keys and vocals), Rob Compa (guitar and vocals), Chuck Jones (bass), and Neal ‘Fro’ Evans (drums)—feeling that the year would allow them to write new music, spend more quality time with friends and family, and dedicate time to developing side projects like Octave Cat and Oval Sandwich.

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However, Dopapod coupled their hiatus announcement with even bigger news: the band would be releasing a brand-new album, MEGAGEM, marking the group’s fifth studio release, ahead of an extensive fall tour that spanned through to New Year’s Eve. Especially with the hiatus looming, fans of the group relished the eight-track record. Now, with 2018 upon us and the group’s break in full swing, Dopapod has released a brand-new animated music video for MEGAGEM‘s “Mucho”.

The new music video for “Mucho”, which was produced by Avalanche Artists, is truly delightful and features whimsical animations of robots by Curtis Peel. Riffing off the feel-good and ebullient feel of the MEGAGEM track and its positive, life-affirming lyrics, the vibrant video follows a robot as he discovers that’s there’s more to his dull binary life after finding a flower growing on the street and bringing it home. In tune with the overall message of the number, as Eli Winderman explained about the track, “Mucho has quickly become one of our fan favorites. I was trying to write something that was fun and that contained a lesson I’ve learned over the past few years, which is if you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong.”

Live For Live Music is proud to premiere the official music video for Dopapod’s “Mucho”. While the band is on hiatus, make sure to keep an eye on the band via their website or Bandcamp page, as there’s a good chance the group will continue to slowly release new content sporadically in the coming months. As Rob Compa explained to us about recording MEGAGEM in the fall, “We actually recorded enough music to warrant another album coming out sometime next year.” Stay tuned, and enjoy the world premiere of the video for Dopapod’s “Mucho” below!