Midnight.Blue has arrived to deliver a fresh take on neo-soul, R&B, and hip-hop via Denver, CO’s newest record label, Perception Records. Led by engineer, producer, and bassist Josh Fairman (SunSquabi) alongside keyboardist Ian Gilley and producer, guitarist, and Perception Records founder Jay.Greens, the band is set to release its debut album, Breathe, on August 18th. Today, Live For Live Music is proud to premiere the album’s lead single, “Take The Time”, ahead of its official release on June 2nd.

Midnight.Blue has spent the last two years writing and recording at various studios in Colorado, collaborating with some of the finest musicians and songwriters in the scene today including Adam Deitch, Lyle Divinsky, Eric “Benny” Bloom, Drew Sayers, Halle TomlinsonG. Finesse, Will Trask, and more. With copious talent and persistent effort, the group has crafted a powerful sound with virtuosic musicianship and genuine, heartfelt songwriting that inspires a refreshing sense of relief, community, and connectivity among artists and listeners.

“It has been an incredible journey creating this music over the last two years with my colleagues, mentors, friends and heroes,” said Jay.Greens. “I think I can speak for everyone involved when I say we put our hearts and souls into this music. It is my greatest hope that it brings you all, the listeners, as much joy as it brought us during its creation. A special process that I will cherish for the rest of my life, a deeply spiritual experience of collaboration, hard work, absolute focus, and love. ‘Take The Time’ is the first release of many on Denver’s newest record label, Perception Records. A symbolic, inaugural release that reminds us to be mindful of how we spend our time, it is our most precious asset in life, and how we use it determines the world we build for ourselves in life, love, work and beyond.”

“Take The Time” features a cast of supporting musicians quite familiar with the Colorado funk scene: Adam Deitch (Lettuce) adds his unique sound on drums. Singer-songwriter/former The Motet vocalist Lyle Divinsky contributes self-aware lyrics and lush vocal harmonies. Lettuce trumpet player Eric “Benny” Bloom and The Motet saxophonist Drew Sayers chip in a tastefully arranged horn section. The result is something at once familiar and fresh, nostalgic and exciting—a soulful throwback with a contemporary strut.

The track marks the first of four singles due to be issued off Midnight.Blue’s debut album, with three more songs due to drop ahead of the August 18th release date. The band will herald the arrival of the album with a release party/official Perception Records label launch celebration at The Bluebird Theater in Denver later this year.

Listen to “Take The Time”, the debut single by Midnight.Blue, via the player below or stream the track on the platform of your choice here.

Midnight.Blue – “Take The Time”

Click below to view the full list of credits for the track and a gallery of photos from the recording sessions.

Midnight.Blue – “Take The Time” – Credits

Primary Artist: Midnight.Blue

Songwriters: Music by Ian Gilley, Jay.Greens, Joshua Fairman and Adam Deitch – lyrics and vocal melodies by Lyle Divinsky

Performers: Ian Gilley – Rhodes Piano, Jay.Greens – Guitar, Joshua Fairman – Bass, Adam Deitch – Drums, Eric “Benny Bloom – Trumpet, Drew Sayers – Tenor Saxophone, Lyle Divinsky – Lead Vocals and Backing Vocals

Horn Arrangements: Eric “Benny” Bloom and Drew Sayers

Recorded at: Scanhope Sound Studio, Laskin Productions Studio

Recording Engineer: Joshua Fairman

Producers: Joshua Fairman & Jay.Greens

Mixing Engineer: Joshua Fairman

Mastering Engineer: Chris Gehringer

Graphic Design: Mike Tallman

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