Last week, Afroman released a new remix to his 14-year-old single, “Because I Got High,” in support of the legalization of marijuana. This week, he played to a sold out show at Hangar 9 in the college town of Carbondale, IL on October 18.

This was the second appearance of the “Colt 45” rapper in six months at Hangar 9, which has hosted artists such as Griz, The Polish Ambassador, and Future Rock.

An Afroman show is everything you think it would be: blunts, booze, and purple pant suites. He came on stage with a blunt in hand and sang a new song called, “One Hit Wonder”, in which he talks about how he “ain’t no one hit wonder”. Some would argue he is a two hit wonder, but that’s beides the point.

While his afro was in perfect condition, you can tell he has definitely aged since his glory days, but that didn’t stop him from chugging a Colt 45 on stage in between singing lyrics to his classics such as, “Let’s All Get Drunk Tonight” and “She Won’t Let Me F***”. 

Afroman then pulled out his white, double neck guitar for a shredding solo, in which he was surprisingly good (who knew?). If you thought the rapper was only good for singing about weed, you were wrong.

He played both renditions of “Because I Got High”, calling it an “anthem to stoners and weed smokers everywhere”. The new remix talks about positive scenarios of smoking weed, such as quitting cigarettes and the cure for a hangover. He passed his blunt and his liquor to the crowd… how many people can say they smoked Afroman’s blunt? 

The rapper closed out with Colt 45 to which the crowd sang along every lyric to the party anthem. He was even nice enough to stay after the show and take pictures with/talk to fans.

Despite what you may think, Afroman has still got it, and he successfully put on an entertaining show. He has three shows coming up in Colroado and one in Kentucky before the end of the year, so if you have the opportunity to go, an Afroman show will always be a highly good time.