This past Friday February 27th, Israel-based psychedelic trance duo Infected Mushroom rocked the second night of their Animatronica tour at Best Buy Theater. The duo, made up of producers Amit Duvdevani (vocals) and Erez Eisen (keyboard), played a metal-heavy set alongside guitarist Tommy Cunningham and drummer Rogerio Jardim. From EDM loving-bros to hard-core metal-heads, all groups were well represented throughout the small yet diverse audience to witness the innovative musicians get industrial. Openers Randy Seidman, AU5, and Far Too Loud transformed the Best Buy Theater stage into a European-style nightclub, pumping up the crowd with energetic DJ sets.

Randy Seidman, who also happens to be Infected Mushroom’s tour manager, started off the show by playing a short yet sweet down-tempo house set. Next up was AU5, also known as Austin Collins. His signature trance-step style was a bit bass-y but it definitely revved up the crowd. Far Too Loud was almost far too loud, yet he was the perfect opener for the headlining act as he mixed psychedelic catchy dance music that intensified as the set went on.

[All photos by Corey Regensburger]


(Far Too Loud)

The crowd was in awe from the moment Infected Mushroom began their set and it wasn’t only because of their music. When the curtain finally dropped, introducing the band, the audience was greeted with what looked like a gigantic, animatronic, laser-shooting, metal mushroom. The “steampunk” themed art instillation produced a lot of excitement, even backstage. Randy Seidman said that the tour “features a crazy new stage built by some awesome burners, with guh-narly lights & lasers.” It was very cool.

(Amit Duvdevani & Erez Eisen of Infected Mushroom)

Infected Mushroom opened up their set with the Beastie Boys’ “Sabotoge,” to incorporate some local flavor and show their excitement about being in New York City. They also got the crowd going with their own version of the Foo Fighters’ “The Pretender”, a song they are known for covering. The band played some of their biggest hits such as “Muse Breaks” and their breakthrough single “Becoming Insane.” Duvdevani and Eisen put on a fun show, everyone in attendance was having a great time.


Seidman says that, “we [Infected Mushroom] are excited to be performing with the full band again. There’s a special energy that cannot be matched when we are all on stage rocking out.” Infected Mushroom certainly put on an attention grabbing show on Friday, and it’s only the first leg of their world-wide tour. The band will be traveling all season, making stops throughout the US, Canada, and Europe. Be sure to visit their website and find out where you can see them next. 

– Marisa Frydman (@musicalmarisa)