Boukou Groove made a joyous return to the Maple Leaf Bar in New Orleans on Friday December 4th. The band, composed of Donnie Sundal (keys, vocals) and Derwin ‘Big D’ Perkins (guitar, vocals), was joined by a handful of beloved local musicians including Jamison Ross (drums, vocals), AJ Hall (drums, vocals), Khris Royal (sax), Eric Vogel (bass), Brad Walker (sax) and Terrence Higgins (drums). The soul/funk group packed the bar and Sundal’s inability to stand still was quite contagious.

The new album, Let The Groove Ride, was highlighted during the second set, while the first set was heavily from the band’s premier record, A Lil’ Boukou In Your Cup. Conversations in the audience revealed that a handful of fans had flew in for the event from out of the country, a testament to the dedication of Boukou Groove’s fans and the quality of the music being made on stage and in the studio. Check out the new album here and hear for yourself!