Last night, The Disco Biscuits opened up their 5-night New Year’s run with the first of four shows at The Best Buy Theater, which will culminate with a fifth and final night at The Theater at Madison Garden.  From the first notes of an unfinished “Abraxas” into an early taste of an unfinished “Hot Air Balloon”, everyone in attendance could tell that this run was going to be started off properly.  It was like having all your family that you haven’t seen in awhile under the same roof again; people were getting down, with smiles from ear to ear.  A dyslexic “Digital Buddha” brought the crowd to a frenzied state as hands were raised high while singing along, before finishing the set with a “Triumph>Rock Candy”.

Finishing “Digital Buddha” to begin the second set, the Biscuits jammed into a well received “Pilin’ It Higher”.  They tore through the second set with an unfinished “Portal to an Empty Head”, and finished the show on a high note with a delectable sandwich of “Robots>(inv)Crickets>Robots”.  At some point in the second set, if sounded as if a “Gamma Goblins” jam was thrown in there, but that is unconfirmed.  There was no encore, which left some in the crowd puzzled, but that may have been due to the fact that the second set went a bit over, and the band may have just kept on going instead of taking a break.

Tickets to the remaining four shows are still available here, and if last night was any indication of what the rest of the run will bring, we recommend that you get on it, and quickly at that.

Set List

1. Abraxas (unf) > Hot Air Balloon (unf) > Gangster > Digital Buddha (dys), Triumph > Rock Candy (end)

2. Digital Buddha (dys) > Pilin It High > Portal To An Empty Head (unf) > Pilin It High, Save The Robots (beg) > Crickets (inv end/beg/mid) > Save The Robots (mid/end)