The Disco Biscuits played three great nights at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia. Check out setlists and photos from each show!

February 19th:

I: Jam-> Pygmy Twylyte-> Basis for a Day (unfinished)-> Little Betty Boop (unfinished)-> Wet, Spectacle
II: The Safety Dance-> King of the World-> Mindless Dribble (Dub Dribble, unfinished)-> Lunar Pursuit-> Gangster-> 42
E: Home Again

February 20th:

I: Triumph-> Rock Candy-> Shadow-> Astronaut (inverted)-> Rock Candy
II: A Fifth of Beethoven, Shem-Rah Boo-> Confrontation (inverted)-> Spraypaint (beg)-> Shem-Rah Boo, 7-11 (unfinished)-> Save the Robots (end)
E: I Remember When

February 21st:

I: Caterpillar-> Humuhununukunukuapua’a (inverted)-> Caterpillar, The Overture, Once the Fiddler Paid
II: Shelby Rose-> The City-> Shelby Rose, Above the Waves (unfinished)-> Spacebirdmatingcall-> Bernstein & Chasnoff (inverted)-> Spacebirdmatingcall
III: Save the Robots-> Story of the World (inverted)-> Munchkin Invasion-> And the Ladies Were the Rest of the Night (inverted)-> Basis For A Day

E: One More Saturday Night

Setlists courtesy of tDB Facebook Page, photos all courtesy of Dan Wilson.