Oregon based producer Emancipator has created his own niche in the electronic music scene, attracting fans of chill-out electro, bass-heavy dub, and livetronica to the same stage to take in his production and get down to the music. It really  is the perfect cross section of so many genres. He’s a little more relaxed than Pretty Lights, a little heavier than RJD2. He’s got heavy bass without the wobble that many are turned off by. The live violinist who joins him on stage is just the icing on the cake, adding another edge and a unique sound to an already special performance. Emancipator is changing the game in this regard, bringing new things to the table with every release and every tour stop.

Fresh off the release of his latest album, Dusk to Dawn, Emancipator brought a new live show and stage set up to New York City. The tree-like figures that are seen on Emancipator’s logo are blown up with LEDs that hang behind the producer as he performs, creating an awesome visual effect. The new album brings the debut of new tracks to the stage, which seem to fit in perfectly within his current musical cannon. These songs feel like they’d be welcome anywhere from the beach to the festival stage – it’s just versatile music. Chilled out percussion creates a laid back vibe, while melodies are created through electronic sounds and the smooth violin that seems to appear from out of nowhere, yet fits right in.

If you’ve only listened to Emancipator’s studio stuff, you may surprised as to how hard his music hits you in a live setting. The same vibe is still there, but the bass is stronger, you can feel it pulsating within the venue. Emancipator’s mixing skills are apparent as well, as songs weave into each other perfectly as he provides the soundtrack for his own party. And it’s definitely a party – I know I describe his music as ‘chilled out’ and ‘laid back’, but Irving Plaza was packed with sweaty bodies dancing and moving. It was an awesome show, and Emancipator is definitely an artist to keep an eye on.