Brooklyn Bowl has had some pretty crazy shows in its day. The relatively small venue has had some larger than life acts grace its stage, and top notch bands have left fans waiting down the block. Of all the memorable moments that have taken place inside that special bowling alley, nothing may have been as crazy as Infected Mushroom’s DJ Set on Wednesday night.

The weather was crazy and it was the middle of the week, so no one really knew how many people would turn out for international electronic duo Infected Mushroom, who stopped by The Bowl for a quick DJ set in the middle of their huge tour featuring a giant live set up with 3D mapping and giant spheres. For this set up, it was just Eisen and Duvdev, posted up behind a booth, dropping Infected Mushroom favorites while keeping a rave-like atmosphere flowing for over two hours. The lack of any stage show almost worked to the group’s advantage – instead of standing and watching, the near capacity crowd went absolutely nuts throughout the entire set.

How nuts? Throughout the show, several fans tried to jump on stage to dance by the booth – each person generally shoved off the stage the moment they gained their balance. All this even seemed normal as Eisen and Dudev kept crowd surfing and taking photos with the audience mid-set.  But then something wild happened – out of seemingly nowhere, fans just started jumping on stage, one after the other, until the stage was almost completely full with people dancing their asses off, hugging the DJs, and grabbing pictures. It was truly a sight to behold – the huge mob of people at one point had the DJ booth completely surrounded – you couldn’t see in, and they couldn’t see out. There were so many people that it took security some time to get everyone off, at which point it was decided that the DJs should take a break before coming out for an encore.

Besides the brief mayhem on stage, Infected Mushroom fans know how to party – the dance floor was full with hardcore fans waiting on every beat, singing a long, and jumping around like crazy. Infected Mushroom’s set was top notch, proving they don’t need a live band or a massive stage set up to impress. Their deep catalogue of awesome songs and great ear for music allow them to mix together such unique and awesome sets. The set itself was definitely heavy, featuring a lot of dubstep, based on the style of their latest album, Army of Mushrooms – but they also dropped many of the psytrance beats that made them famous. Their sound is so unique, as they have crossed through so many genres in their 15+ year career, that their sets really are one of a kind.

Keep an eye out for our interview with Infected Mushroom, coming next week. The guys dropped juicy details on unannounced summer festivals, upcoming collaborations with some huge names, and their future touring plans, so you won’t want to miss it.